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Alamein FC 08 July Carnegie Girls

Registration number: 1027
Registrator: Nicole Webster
Primary shirt color: Red
Secondary shirt color: Dark blue
Leader: Nicole Webster
Alamein FC was one of 74 clubs from Australia that had teams playing during Macca’s City Cup 2019. They participated with one team in 08 July Carnegie - Girls U12.

In addition to Alamein FC, 3 other teams played in 08 July Carnegie - Girls U12.

Alamein FC comes from Ashburton which lies approximately 15 km from Bundoora, where Macca’s City Cup takes place. The area around Ashburton does also provide 55 additional clubs participating during Macca’s City Cup 2019 (Among others: Mt Eliza, Knox City FC, Riversdale, Glen Eira, Bentleigh Greens, Brunswick City, Casey Comets, Croydon City Arrows, Kingston City and Pascoe Vale).

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